Lead-work | Lead Flashing

Leadwork is the most recovered and recycled building material used in roofing. It lasts longer and ages better than any synthetic alternative. Its resistance to corrosion means leadwork roofing lasts far longer than other building material, making it value for money and environmentally friendly. If you think that lead initially seems a little more expensive than the alternatives, it is important to remember the benefits it offers and its long-term value.



Our Lead-work is something we’re particularly proud of and we can provide a number of specialised services, including chimney flashing, roof valleys, and all general lead-work.

All work is carried out by experienced lead roofing specialists who are fully trained in the correct installation techniques and up to speed with the relevant industry standards. Our ability to carry out any associated work that may go along with the leadwork provides you with the peace of mind that you can use one, expert contractor.

Advantages of Leadwork


Lead expands or contracts according to changes in temperature, which is particularly useful for roofing when you consider the constant changes in the weather in Scotland. If a roof is not able to adjust to weather changes with flexibility it may reduce its effectiveness over time.


Lead provides an effective and, as discussed, flexible barrier to water. Wherever there is a join between two surfaces in your roofing it will act as a sealant, for example between the roof and the brickwork of your home.


Leadwork is fantastic for covering joints, guttering or can even be used as a complete roof covering. The malleability of lead means it can be manipulated into a variety of shapes and sizes for any type of roof repair, a method known as 'dressing'.


Lead work is 100% recyclable, so the next time you see lead on a roof it may well be a lot older than the building it is attached to. Lead also last a lot longer than other materials used for the same purpose, meaning it will not have to be replaced as frequently.


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