Roofing FAQ

Below are some typical questions a lot of customers ask before deciding to have work done on the roof of their homes. If you are about to contact us for some roof work, take a look at some of the questions and answers below, and then why not contact us and we can discuss it further.

Can you fix my roof?

A good firm of well trained and experienced roofers can always fix your roof, whether it’s tiles that have blown off, leaks or something more serious. With a good roofing contractor, they should be able to replace the entire roof, if that is what’s required. Your roofer will need to inspect the roof right through to ensure it’s not damaged any further within, so it’ll probably need to be stripped before it’s replaced with a new roof.

If I decide to have a new roof, how much is it going to cost?

The cost to your new roof will vary depending on how big your roof is and the type of materials you choose, as well as the quality of materials your roofer will use, also add on to this the labour costs. If we are replacing your roof, then we’ll give you a breakdown of what the costs are, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

We’re also happy to come along and give you a free no obligation quote, that way you’ll know whether it’s within your budget.

How long does it usually take to install a new roof on my house?

This is difficult to determine as it depends on the weather conditions and in Britain the seasons play a great factor in this, as we are prone to inclement weather for a good part of the year. It also depends on the size of the roof and the extent of the damage and anything else that needs to be done, before placing the new roof on.

What should I be looking for when I inspect my roof and how do I know it needs replacing or simply repairing?

When you inspect your roof, which you should do on an annual basis, you should include chimneys, skylights and vents and look out for things such as missing pieces, anything that might be disintegrating, or any other kinds of damage, such as holes and leaks. Other things you should look out for should be things such as peeling, mould, rot, exposed nails and moss. Tell your roofing contractor about this and he can come and make an assessment himself, or you can let the roofing contractor inspect it for you.

How do you know when if a roofing contractor is reliable and trustworthy?

It’s always a good idea to check their credentials, that is, their qualifications and any certificates. Ask for testimonials and who they last worked for, they should have references or testimonials that speaks in glowing terms.

If you choose J Gordon Roofing, you’ll get the expertise and 20 years plus experience, that, and plenty of good customer recommendations. We pride ourselves on good customer service, as without our customers, we simply wouldn’t have a business. They are always our priority.

Come in and see us, call us or contact us, our details are over on our contact page. We’d love to hear from you and we’re ready to answer your questions. We’re a friendly non nonsense team that knows how to listen – your roof will always be in safe hands with us.