Tips for Finding the Right Roofer

There’s lots to think about when trying to find roofers in West Lothian. Have you chosen an honest and reliable tradesmen? If you do your research beforehand, you won’t have to live with any nagging doubts that you received a poor service or substandard work. Get roofing in West Lothian that you can be proud of, and that will last for many years to come, by remembering to ask these simple questions.

How long will my project take you?

Roof repairs and entirely new building work can be very disruptive processes. You want to know how long you are going to have to plan your life around the fact that you will have workmen in and around your home. Don’t judge a company or tradesmen entirely on their speed though: completing roof repairs in West Lothian too fast could create you more problems than it solves if corners are cut and issues are overlooked.

What sort of guaranteed you offer?

Any respectable company should guarantee their roof repairs in West Lothian. If you choose a roofer who does not offer a warranty you are taking a gamble. A roofer who is unwilling to vouch for the quality of their workmanship could be trying to con you. Put simply, if a roofer knows they are going to do a good job, they should have no qualms about providing you with a written warranty.

Do you handle the clear up?

The last thing you want is for your roof repairs to be completed and the roofers to disappear, leaving you with a large pile of debris to clear up. Try to find roofers in West Lothian who take their mess away with them. It is better to have to pay slightly more to a roofer who will also remove all the building waste than having to cover the cost of getting someone else in to clear it away for you.

How much will it cost and when do you need to be paid?

Price may be one of the first things on your mind, but it’s at the end of this list of considerations for a reason. When it comes to roof repairs, cheap doesn’t necessarily equate to good. You want to make sure that the low price isn’t reflective of the quality of work being undertaken. It’s far better to pay twice as much upfront for work that will last decades that it is to pay half as much for something that will only last years.

As well as finding out the cost you also need to know the payment schedule. Without knowing the payment schedule of your roofers in West Lothian you could get caught out by an unexpected bill.

Are you accredited, licensed, and insured?

Accreditations and licenses show that you are working with roofers in West Lothian who follow the building regulations and work to the highest of standards. You also want to make sure that they have adequate insurance, not only to protect you, but also protect them in the event that they are injured on your property.

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