Choosing the Right Roofer for the Job

All buildings have roofs. Whether they’re a bungalow, an Edinburgh tenement, or a standard modern house in a new development, at some stage all of these buildings may need the services of an expert roofer.

There are certain key points that are important to remember when looking for a roofer. Most ordinary householders know little or nothing about the process and expertise involved, so here are a few ideas to help you to come to a decision.

Guarantees are Important

If a company won’t give you a guarantee, ask why not? Any company that’s proud of its work will be delighted to offer a guarantee or warranty. A company’s reputation stands by the quality of its work, if it isn’t prepared to offer you a guarantee or warranty, or can’t show you testimonials from satisfied customers, then you should look elsewhere. Steer clear of any company that’s too pushy, or has come to your attention by knocking on your front door. A reputable firm will have a website and also relies on word of mouth recommendation. Experience also counts; JG Roofers has been in business for over 20 years and is confident they are the best roofers West Lothian has to offer.

First Steps

From the first moment that you notice that your roof is no longer weatherproof, this is the time to pick up the phone, leaks will only get worse, temporary botch jobs are never the answer. Expert roofers will always visit your property and carry out a thorough assessment and then offer you a quotation based on the estimated timescale of the job and the materials that are to be used. Once you’ve agreed terms the roofing contractor must be able to satisfy any queries about Employers Liability, Public/Products Liability and Contract Workers policies. You should also receive a copy of your free no-obligation quotation in writing, including the job’s timescale. Before work starts, agree payment terms with your contractor.

Now’s the Time to Get Permission

You may be having your roof mended for minor leaks, or you might be having a new roof fitted. If scaffolding is to be used and will extend over the public highway, this includes pavements, the scaffolding company is responsible for obtaining the relevant licence from the local authority, but it’s up to you to check the licence. You should be able to talk about all of these matters with your selected roofing contractor. Not all jobs will need scaffolding, but it’s a good idea to seek your roofer’s advice about this.

Aftercare is Also Important

No matter how large the contract, we will always come and inspect the job after completion. All of our roofers are qualified and experienced and we have absolute confidence in the work that we do. The inspection that we carry out is an extension of our customer service, and to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our work. To get your repairs started get in contact and we’ll come around to make a fair assessment of your roofing problems and then give you our solutions.