Your Guide To Roughcasting in Edinburgh & West Lothian

Roughcasting is the process of covering the outside of a property with a mixture of plaster and small stone chips or gravel. It can be used to repair damaged walls, improve a home's energy efficiency and waterproofing, and make a home more attractive. It can be applied at any time, so is suitable for current homeowners, those looking to extend their property, and those building a new home.

How does Roughcasting Work?

Roughcasting is often confused with pebbledashing, and while the two processes are similar, they are not the same. Pebbledashing requires a soft cement finish to be applied to a property, into which small pieces of stone are thrown to create an even finish. With roughcasting West Lothian, the stone (and sometimes small fragments of seashell) is mixed in with sand, cement, plaster, and stone chips, then applied altogether to the required surface. When dry, it provides a rough but even finish. It is perfect for covering damaged brick, minor cracks, and stains caused by water damage.

What are the Advantages of Roughcasting?

Roughcasting provides a consistent, durable finish to the exterior of your home that makes new walls more attractive and older, damaged walls seem clean and brand new. Roughcasting in Edinburgh and West Lothian that has been carried out by professionals will last for a long time with little or no need for maintenance, something that all kinds of property owners will find appealing. It keeps your property protected from the elements, preventing wind or water damage that could cause complications inside.

Roughcasting in West Lothian and Edinburgh also provides a beautiful, crisp finish for your home, making it look clean and attractive from the outside. Some people like the finish so much that they even have the process applied to some of their interior walls. A variety of tints mean that you have a range of colour options to choose from, creating a bold and appealing look for your home.

Professional Roughcasting Edinburgh & West Lothian

Roughcasting is a tricky process, so you want to make sure you hire a trained and experienced professional. Roughcasting must be applied professionally to ensure that it has a quality and durable finish. Improperly applied roughcasting can crack and deteriorate over time; professional applications will last for many years. An even finish is important, and it will be highly noticeable if your render is uneven - another danger that comes with hiring amateur workmen.

Roughcasting in Edinburgh or Roughcasting in West Lothian

You want a high quality, even finish for your roughcasting to ensure an attractive home that is protected from the elements. Contact us today to discuss roughcasting Edinburgh & roughcasting West Lothian