The Benefits of Plastic Guttering

PVC guttering, also referred to as plastic guttering or vinyl guttering, is a great alternative to traditional metal gutters. There is often a misconception that plastic gutters will look cheap or tacky, but with a range of quality and stylish designs on the market, this certainly isn’t the case. If you are thinking about replacing damaged guttering or are simply looking for a way to improve the appearance of your home, here are some of the reasons to choose PVC gutters.

Durability of PVC Gutters

You may not think it, but plastic gutters are actually stronger than their metal counterparts. Because PVC gutters are moulded plastic each section of guttering is a single piece, making it very strong. Metal gutters have to be welded down a seam, meaning that they have a weak point. Because it is flexible, you can rest ladders against it without it bending like metal guttering would. And being weather resistant, including extreme hot and cold, it won't rust, corrode, or degrade like metal guttering would.

Metal guttering can often get bent or distorted over time: something plastic guttering won't do. Vinyl guttering is designed to bend slightly when loaded down with water, but unlike metal guttering will return to normal once the weight is lifted.

PVC Guttering Style

You can get PVC guttering in a range of styles and colours, so it will be easy to find the right guttering to match your property. Shapes can vary from round to square with more complex designs giving extra protection or style to your home's exterior. If you have a specific look in mind for your home, you can request custom PVC gutters to be made in a style or colour to compliment your property. You can also find plastic guttering made from recyclable materials, allowing environmentally conscious homeowners to help protect the planet.

PVC Gutters Pricing 

Metal guttering is expensive. By comparison PVC guttering is very cheap. And being durable means that it will last a long time and require less maintenance than metal pipes. This doesn't mean your drainage has to look cheap. With plenty of styles and qualities on the market, you can find a good middle ground between price and quality.

Professional Guttering Fitters in Edinburgh

PVC guttering is lightweight and easy to install, however it is still important to get it fitted by professionals. As qualified roofing service providers we can safely and securely install PVC guttering that looks great and protects your home from the elements. Get in touch to discuss plastic guttering with us today.