Roof Slates or Roof Tiles?

Choosing a roofing material is about far more than just appearance. While you want your roof to look nice, and to tie in with the style of your property, the right roofing material does far more than just improve your property’s aesthetics. Roof slates and roof tiles are two of the most popular choices for finishing a home. They both provide a strong finish to your home, and a sense of character, but there could be other things you need to think about when it comes to choosing your roofing material.

To help you choose, here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of roof slates in West Lothian and roof tiles in West Lothian

Why Choose Roof Slates?

Slate is a beautiful material that adds a strong finish to any home. It is particularly popular in rural areas, and is very prevalent thanks to the rich slate quarries found across Britain. British slate is in high demand for its quality across the world, which can make it expensive. The high prices are due to British slate being a premium product, however. It is highly durable, and so will last a long time. This means you will not have to replace it for ages, which makes the cost lower in the long run.

Other roof slates are available from countries across the globe, including Spain, Brazil, and China. While slate is often expensive, it is possible to find foreign imports the very closely match the colour of local slate, allowing your property to blend in with those around without you having to spend a fortune.

One disadvantage of imported roof slate is that the material can vary drastically from place to place. Slate is not a uniform material, therefore by trying to cut costs you may end up with a product that isn’t very water resistant, has a low strength, or will degrade over time. If you’re going for imported slate make sure it has been tested to BS EN 123261 to ensure that is suitably watertight.

Why Choose Roof Tiles?

Roof tiles offer a range of bold colours that can really add character and charm to a property. Perhaps the most common colour is a rich red, although roof tiles come in a whole range of earthy shades. You can even get dark blue ones, which allows you to emulate the look of a slate roof from a distance, without the same costs. Roof tiles can be made from clay, natural stone, or concrete. The durability, appearance, and cost of your tiles will depend upon which material you choose.

This variety of colour makes roof tiles perfect for complementing your property. You can choose exactly the right shade to create the finish you want. Roof tiles are great if you need to restore an old property, as there are still manufacturers in the UK who specialise in creating tiles that match the style and tone of period properties. You can even mix shades together, to create a more interesting roof pattern, and break up large uniform blocks of colour.

Clay roof tiles also help insulate your property, as well as being highly durable to protect you from the elements.

Can’t Decide Between Roof Tiles or Roof Slates? Let Us Help!

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