Why a Dry Fix System

Benefits of Using a Dry Fix System

A dry fix system can be perfect for securing, hips, verges and ridges in your roof. We also feel that it’s a far more secure alternative to mortar and the many issues surrounding its use in the past. The Building Regulations and NHBS guidelines are clear on the need for high and low ventilation, and a dry fix system is perfect in meeting these important requirements.

Unusual Weather Conditions Means a Secure Roof is Essential

Because we’ve been suffering from increasingly extreme weather conditions, and this is unlikely to change, a secure roof is an imperative, mortar is no longer enough and can easily be blown off when there’s strong wind and rain.

A dry fix system can be used alongside mortar as long as hips, ridges, small tile cuts and verges are mechanically fixed using a dry fix system.

Use a secure system like this, you’ll need fewer call backs with a roof that will see you right through the year, no matter how inclement the weather.

Why Not Mortar Alone?

Although Mortar has been with us for a long, long time, its lifespan is limited and it can need an awful lot of maintenance, weather will do its worse and eventually it will crack resulting in dislodging of verges, ridges and hips during high winds. It can also make itself vulnerable to water ingress.

You may now be asking yourself whether you can afford a dry fix system and perhaps you’re not sure whether it’s worth the expense. Although it can cost a little more than mortar, you must figure in the expense of call backs if you use mortar alone. In the long run, it can work out just as expensive, whereas once you’ve paid for a dry fix system, that’s it, no more expensive call backs and your roof is safe from the elements.

To summarise, here are some good reasons to use a dry fix systems for your roof:

  • A dry fix system will work with any slate profiles

  • It’s well ventilated to keep condensation away and meets all building regulations

  • It’s fast to install and is a far better alternative and safer than dragging mortar on to the roof

  • It looks subtle and aesthetically it looks good

  • It works well with all hip tiles

J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting

Of course any dry fix system needs to be professionally installed to make sure it works properly and gives you years of protection from the weather. Here at J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting, we are a professional group of tradesmen with many years’ experience under our belt, all our team are trained and qualified to take on any roofing job, and you’re guaranteed a job well done when you hire us.

Get in touch and let us advise you on your roofing – we’re a friendly team, and we’re happy to come along and look at your roof and give you a free no obligation quote.