Benefits of a Flat Roof

What are the advantages of having a flat roof?

If you’re in doubt then read on, as we take you through the benefits of flat roofs in West Lothian and hopefully, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. You can also call or visit us at J Gordon Roofing and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you.

A flat roof has a good reputation due to its high level of performance and benefits. Flat roofs have a long lifespan, they’re easy to maintain and they’re excellent at dealing with the vagaries of British weather.

You have to make sure you hire a roofer you can trust who’ll use quality materials so you get the benefits that a flat roof can offer.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Yes, flat roofs are easy to maintain and this is due to their flat structure. It also means that installation is quick and easy, and keeping it in tip top condition is also a lot more straightforward than a pitched roof. With no valleys or slopes, the roof is easier to reach and much easier to keep clean. A flat roof allows for easier mounting so they can be inspected for damage, so keeping them in good condition is far easier in the long-term.

Decoration, Recoating and Sealing

Flat roofs need to be sealed and recoated every few years and this helps to prevent leakage during bad weather. Because getting to them is easier, you can maintain their waterproof abilities over the years.

Less Materials Required

A flat roof needs far less materials for its construction and sometimes it can take just a day to install. You can also use PVC membranes in one piece and this can provide even more protection against bad weather.

Other Protective Materials

There are also other materials you can use to protect your flat roof such as weatherproof decking boards, polyester resin and thick glass fibre matting. All these materials can offer extra watertight barriers that last a lifetime.


You can also have solar panels installed on your flat roof. They work even when there’s no sun. A solar panel can help convert the sun’s energy into electricity. You could use this to run the appliances and lighting.

Even if you don’t use any appliances, any electricity generated is sold back to the National Grid and you could receive a rebate from your electricity company. You’ll benefit from using less electricity too, as well as earning extra money from the sale of the electricity you’ve generated back to them.

How does it work?

As we’ve already seen a flat roof is easier to maintain and clean because it’s so easy to mount. This is a great advantage because you could have solar panels installed easily and quickly. They’re tilted to face the sun and capture light, but you’ll need experts to help you install them correctly, so you get the wind prevention as well as all the advantages having a solar panel gives you. You can add weight to your solar panels too, so they’re less likely to move in windy weather.

So there you have it, some great advantages to having a flat roof installed. To summarise:-

  • Flat roofs are easy to maintain

  • Flat roofs are easy to decorate, seal and coat so your roof is safe from the elements

  • Flat roofs require less material than for a traditional pitched roof, so they’re quicker to install

  • You can have extra materials added to your flat roof to help against water leakage and strong winds that last a lifetime

  • You can have solar panels installed easier on a flat roof and you could save money on electricity bills.

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