Common Roofing Problems

When should you start looking for roofers in West Lothian, when the rain is starting to come through, or when you see something that’s not quite right? The best time to address any roofing problem is as soon as you see it. Ideally, having roof repairs carried out during dry weather is good, but this isn’t always possible. Of course, in order to identify problems as they occur you need to keep a vigilant eye on it, always checking for potential problems. But while you’re looking at your roof, what should you be looking out for exactly?


Yes, the sun is great, but those UV rays can cause some damage over time. Slates can come loose, crack or blister if you’ve had a run of hot weather. You need to sort this out before it gets any worse.

Wind can be an issue for your roof, especially here in the UK, where we get strong winds at least twice a year. The toll it can take, even on a sunny day, can be catastrophic, with slates being blown off, leaving your roof even more vulnerable to the elements.

Don’t forget ice and snow can take its toll as well. It’s at its most dangerous as it starts to melt and then refreezes, check the roof when the weather is dry and warm, and look out for any missing parts.

Trees near your house can be a potential hazard, or an accident waiting to happen. If you have a tree close to your house, then a branch can fall on your roof and cause significant damage that requires roof repairs. It could be a serious threat if the tree is blown over during a storm.


The gutters can be provide a great hiding place for old waste material that’s accumulated over time. This can block the gutter and rot the coating. Keep an eye out for this - because we’re looking at a fire hazard if they remain blocked. Clean the gutters regularly and they should be less likely to cause problems that require roof repairs.


Regular checks are essential if you want to keep your roof in tip top condition. If you don’t, then small problems become bigger ones that require extensive roof repairs. If you routinely inspect the guttering and the roof itself regularly, then you’ll make less work for yourself in the long run. You’ll definitely extend the life of your roof if you take care of it properly.

Roofers West Lothian

If for whatever reason you’re unable to check whether you require roof repairs yourself, and it’s been awhile since you or a professional took a look at the roof, then contact a professional roofer in West Lothian and get it checked thoroughly.

Get in touch with us, because here at J Gordon Roofing and Roughcasting, West Lothian, we are professionals. We are a team of trained and qualified individuals who come with the expertise and experience to carry out roof repairs in West Lothian and Edinburgh to the highest standard, leaving you with peace of mind. Check your roof regularly and if you find anything you’re unsure about, or something that just doesn’t look right – get in touch and keep your roof in great condition all year round.