Why is Flashing Such an Important Aspect of Roofing?

Living in a country that is so prone to inclement weather makes roof flashing for your property even more important. What it does is redirect the water that comes on to your roof so you don’t get any seepage.

If you do get seepage, the problems can be catastrophic in the long term including structural damage, building materials deteriorating faster and mould (too much moisture). So now you can perhaps see the importance of having our roofers in West Lothian install flashing to your property.

Waterproof Your Roof With Flashing

Basically flashing is waterproofing for your roof. The materials to make flashing consist of sheet metal, composite materials or plastic, stainless steel, PVC based, or copper. Other materials can be zinc alloy, galvanised steel, rubber and aluminium.

It’s not easy to choose the right material, but if you choose a reliable and trustworthy roofer in West Lothian with experience, they can help you to choose the right type of materials for your roof flashing that does a good job and fits in with your budget.

Your Roof is at the Mercy of the Weather

As well as water, your roof is subject to hail, snow or sleet, and whatever it is that’s pouring from the sky, your roof is taking a pelting. Any weaknesses in your roof, and you’ll have some of the problems we’ve described above.

So a roof can be vulnerable, however there are some parts of your roof that are more vulnerable than others. The joints, vents, chimneys, skylights and pipes are areas that require special protection.

Contracting & Expanding – Your Roof is Constantly Adjusting

These particular areas are contracting and expanding in tune with the weather and pose greater risk to leakage. Rainwater is more inclined to sit in joints and vents, and as they travel through these parts quite frequently, if they aren’t protected, then the risk of leakage is far greater.


Vents are important because they allow for proper ventilation in your attic. Vents are very common on most roof structures, however there are different types, these are hood and pie vents.


A dormer roof will use metal flashing with squares inserted in each row of roof material. It can also be inserted as strips.


The type used for skylights is a continuous piece of flashing


Commonly PVC or metal strips of flashing will go over the joint that goes between the chimney and the roof. This will help stop the areas around your chimney from letting water in.

Don’t worry about flashing making your property seem unattractive, it won’t be the eyesore you think it is. Of course if you want a job done well you need a trained and experienced builder. It can add real cosmetic appeal to your home and perhaps add value to your property, not just for the aesthetic appeal, but for the good condition your house will be in due to the installation of flashing.

Roofing West Lothian

Here at J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting, we have a well trained and experienced team of roofers in West Lothian. We’ve spent time building up our expertise and a lot of our work comes from recommendations and word of mouth – that’s how good we are. If you want further advice and have any other questions regarding roof flashing, get in touch, our team will be ready to answer your questions.