Roof Inspection Tips

You hear experts saying that it’s important to inspection your roof, but no one really says what it is you’re meant to do once you’re up there. What exactly should you be looking for when you’re on the roof and how often should you be doing it?

In this post we’re going to be looking at roof inspections, how often, and what you should you be looking for.

Roof Inspections – How Often?

You should be inspecting your roof at least twice every year, and by giving your roof a thorough inspection, you could be extending its life up to 25 years.

Of course it all depends on what type of roof you have which will determine what kind of inspection you give it. Let’s take a look and see what you should be looking for once you’re up there.

Flat or Sloped Roofs – Inside

Look inside the roof as well as outside, check the insulation. Check the timbers and look out for any worm holes or water penetration. Check to see if there are any missing sloping timbers, also known as struts. There should be underfelt beneath the slates or tiles.

Is the chimney breast (inside the attic) in good condition or is it cracked? Check to see if there are any bricks missing.

Flat or Sloped – Outside

Flat – Look for holes, ponding, or punctures. Check the drains and flashings and see if there is any damage. Check for fungus as this can cling to the flashing and eventually cause leaks.

Sloped – Check for curling, bending and any sign that anything up there is at the end of it’s shelf life, are there any displaced tiles, any cracks? The slates or tiles should be smooth so any broken tiles or cracks should be looked at by a professional roofer. If you catch it early on, you may have a good chance of just having to replace the individual tiles instead of the entire roof.

You should also check for:

Deformities, debris, water or blocked or broken gutters. Once you’ve found something like this you should get it repaired immediately by professional roofers in West Lothian.

Make sure you take a look at the external condition of your chimney as well as internal. If there are any leaks from the chimney, or skylights if you have them, could result in serious damage over time. Prompt action could result in expensive repair.

Remember that any damage you find externally or internally should be noted down and reported to a professional roofer in West Lothian. Any water leaks or broken parts to the roof must not be left to linger.

Experts in Roofing

If you’ve given your roof an inspection and you’ve found problems that need further investigation, or you’re still unsure about inspecting your roof and you have questions, then please get in touch with us here at J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting.

We’ve been in the roofing business for many years now and we know a lot about roofs. We can help and advise you and we’re happy to come out and take a look. If it looks like you do need work, then you won’t find better than J Gordon Roofing, we’re the premier roofers in West Lothian and most of our work is through recommendation – that’s how good we are.