Common Causes of Roof Leaks

If you're experiencing a roof leak in a part of your house, then you're probably wondering how to solve it. It's not always simply a case of filling in a hole with plaster, it's often hard to ascertain where exactly the leak is coming from before you can do anything about it.

With this in mind, our team of roofers in West Lothian have come up with a guide on some of the more common causes of roof leaks, and hopefully this should prove useful should you find one in your roof in the foreseeable future.

Roofing Underlay

The thing about tiles and slates is that while they're good at keeping out rain, it's the strong winds that can send the rain seeping in through any gaps. The underlay beneath is designed to stop the rain from getting through and and carry it away to the guttering. Over time however, the underlay gradually loses its ability to prevent rain from seeping through due to rot and this naturally leads to leakage.

Displaced Slates and Tiles

If a tile or slate slips then rainwater will get through and put the underlay under even more pressure, this can result over time with pools of water that builds up and then eventually leaks into the roof.

Roof Junctions

If the flashing junctions are damaged or its been installed incorrectly then this can result in a leak. Even if the damage is only minor, it can become a bigger problem over time resulting in something far more serious if it's not dealt with quickly.


If your roof is poorly ventilated then this could create condensation underneath tiles, or the underlay even. Droplets of water will then leak through the ceiling making it look like your roof is leaking.

Lean to Extensions

If you have one of these, then what can happen is that the water will discharge onto it from the main roof of your house, and your underlay and tiles won't be able to cope with the deluge, of course your underlay will collapse at some point, resulting in a leak.

Keep mind that with time, your roof and the materials its made of deteriorate with time and everything needs replacing at some point. What you need to do is to carry out occasional inspections and keep an eye out for any damage, especially following extreme weather. If you see anything suspicious then contact a reputable roofer right away. If you don't, then any job that seems minor now, could become a major job later on and cost you more to repair.

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