Why it’s Important to Keep Your Roof Moss Free

All year round general roof maintenance and minor roof repairs is important because prevention is always better than cure when it comes to your roof. Leave things unattended for too long and you’ll be paying a heavy price – from your wallet.

Moss especially is a problem and it isn’t something you can simply ignore or just jet wash away quickly. Jet washing can cause irreparable damage to your roof tiles so this sort of procedure should be avoided. Check the tiles on your roof before you do anything else.

Remove Moss When it’s Dry

If you’re going to remove moss yourself, then the best time to tackle it is when it’s dry. You’ll get rid of it far easier if it’s as dry as possible, and once you’ve removed it you can treat it, which will help prevent any new growth. If you don’t treat it, then the moss will creep back into view in the near future.

Concrete Tiles

If your roof is covered in concrete tiles then you’ll find they’ve been specifically designed to shed water. If they get covered in moss, then this is bad news, as they can’t absorb moisture and eventually this leads to leakages. Concrete does have some advantages; they are quite light, so they’re much easier to get up onto your roof. When concrete tiles are brand new, they’ll have a special coating so they can repel water, however, over time this coating wears off, and when it does they become porous and start to hold water. This is perfect breeding ground for moss, algae and lichen spores.

Once You Have Moss, What Then?

If your house is quite old then it may be more prone to moss, and any coating will have worn off by now. Too much moss leads to more water on the roof, which in turn leads to permanent damage. The moss as it becomes thicker and denser, can also fall into the guttering which can then cause a blockage.

Moss Removal Specialists

If you’ve been able to get up on to your roof and get rid of moss while it’s dry, then that’s great, you’ll now be able to apply something to stop it from returning. However, if this is something you really don’t feel confident about doing yourself, then that’s where J Gordon Roofing come in.

We’re experts in moss removal and maintenance and we have wide variety of tools at our disposal which we can use on your roof safely to remove moss, lichen and algae from each roof tile, without causing any damage to the rest of your roof. Once the moss has been removed your roof will look better and it’ll offer your home better protection from the elements.

J Gordon Roofing - Roof Repairs & Maintenance

If you have any questions or you’d like us to come and take a look at your roof, then get in touch and one of our professional team will be happy to talk to you regarding roof repairs and maintenance.