Roofing in Winter

A British winter can be unpredictable and vicious, it’ll be calm with mild temperatures and light rain one minute, and then the next it’s frost and snow. That’s why it’s important to carry out roof maintenance in winter as well as summer. It’s in the winter that your roof will see the worst weather and you don’t want to leave any damage long-term.

Bad Weather Causes Problems For Your Roof

If there are problems which have been caused by bad weather, or were already there and have been made worse by the frost or rain, then leaving it until the warmer season to repair could cause you bigger problems. If you have cracked shingles, then moisture could enter through the roof, and mean your homes loses heat.

Temporary Repairs

Even temporary repairs to carry your through winter is better than just leaving it to get worse. A new roof, or even just new parts will mean your roof is better able defend itself against harsher weather giving you the peace of mind that it’ll stay intact throughout winter.

Off-Peak Prices

Another advantage of dealing with your roof in winter is that it’ll cost you less because you’re getting off-peak prices. Doing it in the unpopular winter months will secure you a cheaper quote and get your repairs done in time for the freezing weather.

Snow on the Roof – Bad News

One of the many hazards of winter is snow, especially if you end up with a thick layer on your roof. If you notice this on yours, then you will need to deal with it immediately rather leave it till spring, otherwise parts of your roof could collapse. It’s not always a great idea to try repairing it yourself though, as this could prove hazardous, always call in a team of professionals.

Leave Repairs to the Professionals

Of course, it’s not a great idea to carry out repairs in bad weather, blizzards and snow storms. This is where a professional team of contractors come in, who will know when it’s safe to go up on a roof and when it isn’t, and will be able to take the necessary steps to create quality workmanship.

J Gordon Roofing – Roofing Specialists

If you have any winter roofing problems, then get in touch with us here at J Gordon Roofing. We’re the roofing experts and whatever it is you’re grappling with, let us take over and repair safely and efficiently. We’re a friendly team of professionals, so whatever the problem is, we’re here to help.