Common Factors That Can Damage Your Roof

You probably take little notice of your roof, and unless you're one of the too few people who go up and check their roof regularly, you won't notice when something goes wrong – until it's too late. There are certain factors which can damage your roof and it's important we know what they are so we can do something about it, before irreparable damage takes place. You can carry out simple roof repairs yourself, but only if you're vigilant throughout the year before a problem becomes too big.

Damage That Make Roof Repairs Necessary

Trees and Branches

Storms and bad weather create all kinds of problems for our property. One big factor in winter, are tree parts that fall and land on your roof due to the inclement weather. If you have trees close to your property, then check to see how healthy they are, if a branch is diseased then it 's more than likely going to come away at some point. You don't want your property to be in the way.

Collected Debris

Debris could also collect on the roof as a result of tree parts, with leaves and small branches forming a pile that, as it gets wetter and wetter, creates a mulch which can have a detrimental effect on the structure, resulting in a need for roof repairs.

Animals and Birds

When you see birds on the roof, although you may take little notice of them, they can create problems, problems that could turn into bigger ones over the long-term. Other animals that can cause issues are bats, mice and squirrels. Keeping a careful eye on your roof will help you identify any problems early on.

Gutters and Down-Spouts

Another thing you should keep your eye on are the gutters and any down-spouts, because if they are poorly maintained they will not be able to channel water away successfully from your roof. Water will seep into it if this happens. So keep debris away from gutters and clean them out occasionally to avoid needing roof repairs.

Wind, Rain, Ice, Hail and Snow

Naturally, the weather is a big factor in roof damage with the wind being the main culprit. Once the wind has shifted tiles or shingles from your roof, you're left with rainwater seeping into the ceiling and down the walls. Hail and ice are both bad news for your roof too, and both can shorten its lifespan and the materials protecting it.

Chimney Flashing

You need to keep an eye out for the roof flashing that sits around your chimney protecting it. If it becomes damaged, water will seep through the roof and into your home. The sun can also create problems with UV damage being the culprit. Once part of the roof has dried and cracked, bits can then fall off, leaving your roof vulnerable and needing roof repairs.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

All of the things we've mentioned above can cause problems for your roof and lead to moisture and wetness getting in. This is really bad news and can cause a lot of damage that requires roof repairs. If you take care of the problems we've mentioned here, then you can prevent water from seeping in and damaging not just the roof, but the loft, ceiling and walls of your home.

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