Finding the Best Roofers West Lothian Has to Offer

Today we're going to talk about choosing a roofer in West Lothian with care. We're going to offer tips on how to go about choosing someone who's trustworthy and really good at what they do. Choose in haste, and you could come to regret it later once you've settled the bill.

A poor job will mean more expense for you down the line and result in you having to pay someone else to come and repair the parts that weren't done properly the first time round. You're also putting yourself and your family in danger if the work has resulted in a botch job, putting your possessions and occupants at risk.

To avoid this there's a simple process you can go through, a tick list if you wish, of things you should look out for before you hire someone.

What's their story?

Always check for references. Also, ask around, word of mouth is a popular method that tradesmen use to get work, and you should try and get around three references from satisfied customers. If each person you ask in your area refers you on to the same person, then you'll know he's good.

However, even if you end up with three very different names, check out all three. If you've seen someone you fancy hiring, then ask your friends whether they've used him, or if you know of someone that's used him/her in the past. If they seem reluctant to recommend that person, then it's a sign to stay away.

A permanent address is something else worth looking out for and confirms the fact that the firm is well established. You need to know their phone number, and you can also check their tax identification number and business license.

What roofers insurance do they have?

You must make sure you ask about insurance, roofing carries its own risks as you can imagine and its important they have valid insurance that will last for the duration of their time with you. If they're not insured, and they have an accident on your property, you could find yourself liable for any injuries he/she may sustain. They should also be fully trained in health & safety, and all their training and qualifications should be up to date.

Roofers Proposals

You should get a proposal from each of the three recommended roofers in West Lothian and choose from the best. The proposal should be detailed and list everything they're going to do and a breakdown of the costs. It should also have an estimate of the date of completion, with details of the way you've agreed to pay and how.

In summary you should make your decision on who to work with based on their work history, quality of their work, references, memberships of trade bodies and a clear and concise detailed proposal.

Quality Roofers West Lothian

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