The Importance of Keeping Your Gutters Clear

In today’s post we’re going to be discussing the importance of keeping your gutters clean. You need to check them on a regular basis so as to avoid anything more serious happening that you will cost you more in time and money to solve.

What are gutters for?

You may not really be aware of exactly what gutters do and if this is the case, then you won’t realise how important they are. Once they become broken or clogged, you end up with structural damage to the house, and as a result damp, which could have an impact on your family.

Regardless of what your gutters are made of, they should be cleaned once a year to keep them in working order. This way there’s less chance of them becoming more seriously damaged.

What can you do throughout the rest of the year to keep gutters free from damage?

There are things you can do to keep your gutters free from harm. Watch out for sagging, leaking and blockages, and act quickly. What causes the damage are things like blockages, which can get worse and worse if they’re not cleaned away, which then leads to the gutters sagging, then cracking, which leads to leakage. Blockages are often caused by simple thing like natural debris, leaves, twigs, moss, even dead animals.

If you check your gutters regularly and then clean away anything that you find, then you’re keeping your gutters in a clean and healthy state. This helps to avoid sagging and leakage.

Clearing Away the Blockages

If your gutters have reached the point of no return, then you’ll find that you’ll have to call someone in to clear away the blockage. If you call someone from J Gordon Roofing, then we’ll send someone round who will help remove the pieces of debris which are causing the problems.

They may use a combination of tools with methods which are both safe and reliable. They will test to see whether the water is now running smoothly through the gutters, prior to this the water may have been running down the side of the house.

It may be the case that the gutters have reached a state of such disrepair that you’re going to have some repairs done which are more than just clearing a blockage. Any holes may need to be blocked off with a sealant.

First Class Roofers in West Lothian

If your gutters are blocked and you don’t think you can repair them yourself, then get in touch. We can send round a member of our team who can then check out your gutters and make an assessment of what needs doing next. We’d also advise an annual check by one of our team too, who can make sure your gutters are in good condition. That way you can avoid more serious and more expensive problems later on.