What To Do If You Discover Your Roof is Leaking

If you find out your roof is leaking, then you’re obviously going to be worried. A leak in your roof can be costly and left unattended can lead to something much worse. Unfortunately, it’s only when your roof is leaking do you know there’s a hole, and by this time a proper repair job is required. The most important thing you need to do is call roofers in West Lothian in to repair the damage quickly before the onset of winter – and more rain.

The problem is, while you’re waiting for your roofer to arrive, what do you do about the fact your roof is leaking. Are there any temporary measures you can take to resolve the problem.

Where is the Most Damage?

In order to stop any damage to the interiors look up and see where the ceiling has received the most and see if there’s a bulge. Poke a hole in it and collect the water, draining it as such, obviously using something like a pot or bucket for the water to drain into. Once you’ve done that, try to discover where it’s come in from.

Point of Entry

Again, look inside and especially in attics, but keep in mind that the leak in the ceiling and the leak in the attic may not be from the same source. This will depend on how the water travels and how the roof slopes on your property.

Tarf, Cement, Roofing Tape

The final step is to maintain and keep the situation as it is, preventing it from getting worse. You can use temporary repairs, using cement, tarp or roofing tape. These are available at any DIY store and you can use the above items on the roof decking of your attic. Tarping is a really good way of providing some safe and temporary protection. Cut it carefully and it will cover the damage to the area more than adequately. You can also nail or staple the tarp to the boards of the roof.

J Gordon Roofing – for effective solutions for your roof leaks

Once you’ve learned how to plug that leak and taken some interim measures to keep it under control, you can then call us. We’re professional and experienced roofers in West Lothian who have a long list of satisfied clients we’ve worked with before. We’d love to help you, so why not get in touch and we can get that roof fixed before it results in further, more extensive damage.