What to Look for in A Roof When Purchasing A House

So, you’re about to make a decision on whether to buy a property you’ve set your heart on. It’s the house of your dreams, but have you really checked everything out properly? What we mean is, are there certain aspects of a property you need to look at carefully before going ahead. We’re going to be talking about that today and focusing on roofs. Why? Well read on to see what you should be looking at when it comes to the roof of your dream property.


Take a long look at your new property from a good distance. Can you spot sagging, or bowed walls? Once you go inside do you see that in the corners the walls aren’t square and do the floors flex or bend when walked on? These are signs of something bad, basically the structural foundation of your potential new home is not in a good place and it’s going to cost you a lot of money to fix, so step away now. Also consider water damage, signs are rotten wood, peeling siding, water stains and mould.


There is a limit to how many layers of roofing material there are on the deck of your roof. The number can vary but the limit is usually around two. This consists of original roofing materials and one single layer over it. Another consideration is shingles and their quality. Your roof will maintain itself longer if it’s been made with quality shingles. In the long term it will have a beneficial effect, and it will last much longer.


Any decent roof should come with proper ventilation so that there’s no structural damage. Look out for poor roof ventilation in the form of crumbling, sagging and dry rot.

Get the roof checked by a professional roofing contractor

Make all these checks before you make an offer, and better still call in a professional to carry out a roof inspection, that way they can spot things you may have missed yourself. A roof inspection will give you peace of mind and help you make the decision of whether or not to buy.

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We hope you’ve found our post today on what to look for in a roof really useful, and if you find you are now interested in buying a property it might be a golden opportunity to get a roof inspection. Here at J Gordon Roofing we’re more than happy to carry out roof inspections, it’s one of our most popular services. So why not get that roof checked out so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision before you buy. Contact us today.