5 Signs You May Need a Roof Replacement

In this blog we’re talking about the need for roof replacement and what signs you need to be looking for. We’ve narrowed it down to 5 and we hope that with the signs we cover in today’s post it should help you decide whether or not you need to bring in a professional roofer. If you do, then we hope you’ll contact us, a tried and tested team of professional roofers in West Lothian. 

Naturally, it’s important you carry out frequent checks of your roof and it’s also a good idea that you clean it regularly too. We’d suggest you do this at least twice in a year. This way you can find any signs of damage in enough time, so you can do something about it before it escalates and becomes a major job - and an expensive one. 

If you leave it too long it can result in the entire roof having to be replaced and this can be very expensive. By checking on a regular basis you’re saving yourself money in the long-run. You’re also making sure your property is safe and that your home is comfortable and warm for your family. 

1. Water leaks and sag

Sag and damage from leakage will usually be found in the loft area. There’s always water, and this can seep in from even a small hole or crack in the roof. Once this starts there’ll be stains and watermarks as proof you have a potentially serious problem on your hands, and if you don’t do something about it, there’ll be more serious damage soon. Water leakage can have a detrimental effect on the structure of your roof and parts of it could start to rot if the area is left untreated. 

As well as signs of water damage on the roof, it can also be detected beneath you on the floor as well, with patches of water and stained areas where water stains have left their mark. If your roof is sagging, then it means parts of the roof have started to cave in and could be about to give way. 

2. Light

Can you spot bits of light coming through the roof? This is another sign there’s a hole or crack in the roof and it will need repair as soon as possible. Check the holes or cracks to see how big they are, it could be a case of a DIY repair you can carry out yourself, or it may be beyond home repair and the job of a professional roofer. Go up and check for light spots around dusk when the sun’s gone down and there’s some light, but it won’t so strong you can’t withstand it. When it’s starting to go dark you can see rays of light but it’s manageable. 

3. Mould and Moss

This is a pretty good sign you need to repair parts of your roof. When there’s a crack or a hole in your roof, it will have been exposed to the cold and to moisture, and this can result in mould and cause moss to grow. This will inevitably cause damage to the roof’s structure. If it isn’t treated in enough time, then the underlay will weaken the foundations of your roof because it’s become rotten. 

4. Chimney’s vents and flashing

Damage in these areas is serious, although their purpose is to provide protection from water to divert it away and prevent leakages, once damaged it will allow water to seep in through your roof and cause everything around it to weaken, leaving your roof even more weakened. 

5 How old is your roof?

Of course, how old your roof is will also determine how prone it is to damage, because the older it is the more vulnerable it is. It’s hard to determine when is the right time to replace it, but if you make sure any damaged parts are replaced by professional, experienced roofers and with quality materials that are installed accurately, then you have a good chance of having a roof that will sustain your property for years to come. 

Unsure as to whether you need to replace all or parts of your roof?

Get in touch with us here at J Gordon Roofing and one of our team will be happy to talk over your issues, and we can even come over and take a look at the problem ourselves. We’re all experienced, trained and qualified roofers, why not give us a call and the sooner you do the sooner you can repair your ailing roof!