Roof Inspection Tips

You hear experts saying that it’s important to inspection your roof, but no one really says what it is you’re meant to do once you’re up there. What exactly should you be looking for when you’re on the roof and how often should you be doing it?

In this post we’re going to be looking at roof inspections, how often, and what you should you be looking for.

Roof Inspections – How Often?

You should be inspecting your roof at least twice every year, and by giving your roof a thorough inspection, you could be extending its life up to 25 years.

Of course it all depends on what type of roof you have which will determine what kind of inspection you give it. Let’s take a look and see what you should be looking for once you’re up there.

Flat or Sloped Roofs – Inside

Look inside the roof as well as outside, check the insulation. Check the timbers and look out for any worm holes or water penetration. Check to see if there are any missing sloping timbers, also known as struts. There should be underfelt beneath the slates or tiles.

Is the chimney breast (inside the attic) in good condition or is it cracked? Check to see if there are any bricks missing.

Flat or Sloped – Outside

Flat – Look for holes, ponding, or punctures. Check the drains and flashings and see if there is any damage. Check for fungus as this can cling to the flashing and eventually cause leaks.

Sloped – Check for curling, bending and any sign that anything up there is at the end of it’s shelf life, are there any displaced tiles, any cracks? The slates or tiles should be smooth so any broken tiles or cracks should be looked at by a professional roofer. If you catch it early on, you may have a good chance of just having to replace the individual tiles instead of the entire roof.

You should also check for:

Deformities, debris, water or blocked or broken gutters. Once you’ve found something like this you should get it repaired immediately by professional roofers in West Lothian.

Make sure you take a look at the external condition of your chimney as well as internal. If there are any leaks from the chimney, or skylights if you have them, could result in serious damage over time. Prompt action could result in expensive repair.

Remember that any damage you find externally or internally should be noted down and reported to a professional roofer in West Lothian. Any water leaks or broken parts to the roof must not be left to linger.

Experts in Roofing

If you’ve given your roof an inspection and you’ve found problems that need further investigation, or you’re still unsure about inspecting your roof and you have questions, then please get in touch with us here at J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting.

We’ve been in the roofing business for many years now and we know a lot about roofs. We can help and advise you and we’re happy to come out and take a look. If it looks like you do need work, then you won’t find better than J Gordon Roofing, we’re the premier roofers in West Lothian and most of our work is through recommendation – that’s how good we are.

Winter Roofing Care

Bad weather approaches as we go deeper into the winter months. It’s all very pleasant to look out from the warmth of a sitting room with a hot drink, however, it’s a very different experience for the exterior of your home. It really is on the receiving end of some violent weather, we’re talking wind, rain, snow and hail.

Your roof is especially in danger of becoming damaged – in some cases beyond repair. However, there are some things you can do to avoid having to have your entire roof replaced due to winter weather. In this post, we’re going to talk about winter roofing care, so you can help avoid roofing disasters before they happen.

Inspect your roof before winter sets in

Carry out an inspection ASAP of your roof before the winter weather hits. Look for any existing damage. Checking inside is a good idea because you can look for cracks and exposed parts of the ceiling, anything that can lead to problems later on.

Where the surface meets the walls, there may be some damage, water can get in and once you have heavy rain, this could find its way into the house. Therefore, it’s important to check the caulking, if you have cracks, seal them.

Get rid of debris

While you’re up on the roof checking for any damage, it might be a good idea to get rid of any debris you find. This could be leaves, twigs or any other waste products that have made their way onto your roof.

It can become wet and soggy and eventually turn into mulch, which isn’t very good for your roof. This may not seem too much of a problem to you now, however it could cause damage your roof’s protective coating later on.


Check drains as well as your roof. Make sure no debris is collecting in there as it could cause a blockage at some point. Use a hose to spray the drains clean. The water needs a clear way to travel during snow or heavy rainfall.


If you haven’t done so already, you should waterproof your roof. You can do this over your shingles and also underneath it too. If you want to place waterproofing under your shingles, this will have to be done while your roof is either being installed or during a repair.

Therefore, you may find that waterproofing over your shingles is the only option. However, keep in mind this will help a lot when the heavy rain falls. Our roofers in West Lothian can take care of all your roof waterproofing if required.

J Gordon Roofers West Lothian

If you have any questions about your roof and you need them answered, then do get in touch with us here at J Gordon Roofing. We are qualified and trained and we love what we do. Most of our work is on recommendations from satisfied customers.

If you’re looking to check your roofing in West Lothian, then contact us at J Gordon Roofing and we can answer your questions via phone or email, or we can come over and give your roof an inspection if you can’t. We’re here to help.


Tips for Finding the Right Roofer

There’s lots to think about when trying to find roofers in West Lothian. Have you chosen an honest and reliable tradesmen? If you do your research beforehand, you won’t have to live with any nagging doubts that you received a poor service or substandard work. Get roofing in West Lothian that you can be proud of, and that will last for many years to come, by remembering to ask these simple questions.

How long will my project take you?

Roof repairs and entirely new building work can be very disruptive processes. You want to know how long you are going to have to plan your life around the fact that you will have workmen in and around your home. Don’t judge a company or tradesmen entirely on their speed though: completing roof repairs in West Lothian too fast could create you more problems than it solves if corners are cut and issues are overlooked.

What sort of guaranteed you offer?

Any respectable company should guarantee their roof repairs in West Lothian. If you choose a roofer who does not offer a warranty you are taking a gamble. A roofer who is unwilling to vouch for the quality of their workmanship could be trying to con you. Put simply, if a roofer knows they are going to do a good job, they should have no qualms about providing you with a written warranty.

Do you handle the clear up?

The last thing you want is for your roof repairs to be completed and the roofers to disappear, leaving you with a large pile of debris to clear up. Try to find roofers in West Lothian who take their mess away with them. It is better to have to pay slightly more to a roofer who will also remove all the building waste than having to cover the cost of getting someone else in to clear it away for you.

How much will it cost and when do you need to be paid?

Price may be one of the first things on your mind, but it’s at the end of this list of considerations for a reason. When it comes to roof repairs, cheap doesn’t necessarily equate to good. You want to make sure that the low price isn’t reflective of the quality of work being undertaken. It’s far better to pay twice as much upfront for work that will last decades that it is to pay half as much for something that will only last years.

As well as finding out the cost you also need to know the payment schedule. Without knowing the payment schedule of your roofers in West Lothian you could get caught out by an unexpected bill.

Are you accredited, licensed, and insured?

Accreditations and licenses show that you are working with roofers in West Lothian who follow the building regulations and work to the highest of standards. You also want to make sure that they have adequate insurance, not only to protect you, but also protect them in the event that they are injured on your property.

Still have questions about roofing in West Lothian? Get in touch with us today.

Signs That You Need Roof Repairs Carried Out

How can you tell that your roof is in need of repair?

We’re going to look at all the signs that you require roof repairs, so you can be on top of any problems before they get on top of you. It’s crucial to make sure you look out for any potential problems as soon as they’re spotted, otherwise they can be costly to repair.

Missing or Worn Out Roof Tiles

When the weather’s dry it’s probably a good idea to check for any roof repairs you need. If you do then you’re likely to spot problems before they get worse and before the bad weather sets in for winter.

If there’s a crack or a leak, check it thoroughly, you may need a completely new roof, or just a few tiles replaced or repaired. Get it sorted out now before it becomes an even bigger problem. You’ll need a professional to replace them. If you check in enough time, you may avoid the need for a new roof. Big jobs can be avoided if you’re paying attention.

Water Damage

If you find signs of water damage then it’s important to get it looked at by professional roofers as soon as possible before it gets any worse.

What should you look out for with regards to potential water damage?

If you start to find damp patches on the upper floors, mildew and watermarks, then get this checked by a professional promptly. For roofing in West Lothian, you’ll find that J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting are perfect for these types of issues as we have many years’ experience in this field.

Is Your Flat Roof Sagging?

A flat roof can be vulnerable to bad weather. It can lead to the roof became unsafe as it buckles under the weight of water. This is something that needs immediate attention from a professional.

Flat roofs can also be prey to puncture holes, cracks or splits as a result of the weather. Address the problem quickly and you’ll stop it from developing into something worse.

Roof Repairs West Lothian – Any Roof Repairs, Big or Small

We are the premier roof repair company for West Lothian, and we accredited members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. We serve the community throughout West Lothian and we pride ourselves on a job well done for all our clients. We come with many years’ experience under our belts and we know that if you come to us, we’ll do a first class job.

Don’t leave your roof repairs to chance, you’ll only land yourself with a more costly roof repair. If you call in a professional early on, chances are you can avoid costlier jobs that could entail having your entire roof replaced.

Here at J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting we’re reliable, honest and hard working. Get in touch if you spot problems in your roof and we’ll be more than happy to come and take a look and provide you with a free, no obligation quote for roof repairs.

Why is Flashing Such an Important Aspect of Roofing?

Living in a country that is so prone to inclement weather makes roof flashing for your property even more important. What it does is redirect the water that comes on to your roof so you don’t get any seepage.

If you do get seepage, the problems can be catastrophic in the long term including structural damage, building materials deteriorating faster and mould (too much moisture). So now you can perhaps see the importance of having our roofers in West Lothian install flashing to your property.

Waterproof Your Roof With Flashing

Basically flashing is waterproofing for your roof. The materials to make flashing consist of sheet metal, composite materials or plastic, stainless steel, PVC based, or copper. Other materials can be zinc alloy, galvanised steel, rubber and aluminium.

It’s not easy to choose the right material, but if you choose a reliable and trustworthy roofer in West Lothian with experience, they can help you to choose the right type of materials for your roof flashing that does a good job and fits in with your budget.

Your Roof is at the Mercy of the Weather

As well as water, your roof is subject to hail, snow or sleet, and whatever it is that’s pouring from the sky, your roof is taking a pelting. Any weaknesses in your roof, and you’ll have some of the problems we’ve described above.

So a roof can be vulnerable, however there are some parts of your roof that are more vulnerable than others. The joints, vents, chimneys, skylights and pipes are areas that require special protection.

Contracting & Expanding – Your Roof is Constantly Adjusting

These particular areas are contracting and expanding in tune with the weather and pose greater risk to leakage. Rainwater is more inclined to sit in joints and vents, and as they travel through these parts quite frequently, if they aren’t protected, then the risk of leakage is far greater.


Vents are important because they allow for proper ventilation in your attic. Vents are very common on most roof structures, however there are different types, these are hood and pie vents.


A dormer roof will use metal flashing with squares inserted in each row of roof material. It can also be inserted as strips.


The type used for skylights is a continuous piece of flashing


Commonly PVC or metal strips of flashing will go over the joint that goes between the chimney and the roof. This will help stop the areas around your chimney from letting water in.

Don’t worry about flashing making your property seem unattractive, it won’t be the eyesore you think it is. Of course if you want a job done well you need a trained and experienced builder. It can add real cosmetic appeal to your home and perhaps add value to your property, not just for the aesthetic appeal, but for the good condition your house will be in due to the installation of flashing.

Roofing West Lothian

Here at J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting, we have a well trained and experienced team of roofers in West Lothian. We’ve spent time building up our expertise and a lot of our work comes from recommendations and word of mouth – that’s how good we are. If you want further advice and have any other questions regarding roof flashing, get in touch, our team will be ready to answer your questions. 

The Benefits of Lead Work Roofing

Why would you choose lead roofing?

In this post we’re going to be talking about the benefits of lead work roofing in West Lothian and why it’s worth consideration as a potential choice for your roof.

Lead is a material that yields easily as it’s both soft and malleable. This means it can be bossed into a multitude of different shapes and as well as that rolled lead sheeting is extremely durable, potentially lasting for up to 100 years. It’s resistant to corrosion and this means that your roof is safe regardless of the various weather conditions over the years.

You can recycle lead too and this is good for the environment, helping to conserve energy resources while providing durable roofing.


Leadwork will contract or expand with a change in temperature which means that lead will work with your roof, not against it. It’s flexibility in this regard gives you peace of mind, especially if you consider the type of weather we have here in Scotland.

Lead Flashing Explained

As well as being flexible, leadwork acts as a sealant where there are joins between two surfaces. This is known as lead flashing and acts as a barrier between the brickwork and the roof itself. It can keep your roof safe and resistant to leaking.

Guttering and Joints

Leadwork also covers guttering and joints, and it can also act as a complete roof covering. Its malleability is so useful, that sometimes it is used as part of a roof repair because it can act as a dressing on any part of a damaged roof.

What else do we know about lead?

Here are some interesting facts about lead which may help you to understand how useful a material it is:

  • Lead roofing provides no threat to the environment once it’s been installed correctly

  • Most lead sheets are recycled which means they have minimal impact on the environment

  • Leadwork gives your roof stability and protection against all weather conditions, making your roof stable

  • It’s the most durable man-made material

  • It has the least carbon footprint of all the hard metals and it is 100% recyclable

  • It’s more economical because it’s a breathtakingly 100% more cost effective over 65 years according to the Lead Sheet Association UK.

Because of the changes that climate change have wrought on the environment it is easy to see that this is a real problem. The choice of roofing material is important if you care about the environment, so if you choose lead, you not only provide your roof with a material that will withstand bad weather, you also choose something that will have the least impact on the environment.

As your building gets older, a lead roof will move with the building due to its malleability and flexibility. Because lead needs little maintenance over time, it’s clear that it not only provides an effective alternative to other man-made products, it also saves you money.

Lead Work Roofing With J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting

If you have more questions about lead roofing, then please get in touch and we’re happy to answer all your queries or arrange a consultation and quote at a time that suits you.

We have a great deal of experience in this area and other aspects of roofing and roughcasting, so if there’s anything you need to know then we’re here to help.

Common Roofing Problems

When should you start looking for roofers in West Lothian, when the rain is starting to come through, or when you see something that’s not quite right? The best time to address any roofing problem is as soon as you see it. Ideally, having roof repairs carried out during dry weather is good, but this isn’t always possible. Of course, in order to identify problems as they occur you need to keep a vigilant eye on it, always checking for potential problems. But while you’re looking at your roof, what should you be looking out for exactly?


Yes, the sun is great, but those UV rays can cause some damage over time. Slates can come loose, crack or blister if you’ve had a run of hot weather. You need to sort this out before it gets any worse.

Wind can be an issue for your roof, especially here in the UK, where we get strong winds at least twice a year. The toll it can take, even on a sunny day, can be catastrophic, with slates being blown off, leaving your roof even more vulnerable to the elements.

Don’t forget ice and snow can take its toll as well. It’s at its most dangerous as it starts to melt and then refreezes, check the roof when the weather is dry and warm, and look out for any missing parts.

Trees near your house can be a potential hazard, or an accident waiting to happen. If you have a tree close to your house, then a branch can fall on your roof and cause significant damage that requires roof repairs. It could be a serious threat if the tree is blown over during a storm.


The gutters can be provide a great hiding place for old waste material that’s accumulated over time. This can block the gutter and rot the coating. Keep an eye out for this - because we’re looking at a fire hazard if they remain blocked. Clean the gutters regularly and they should be less likely to cause problems that require roof repairs.


Regular checks are essential if you want to keep your roof in tip top condition. If you don’t, then small problems become bigger ones that require extensive roof repairs. If you routinely inspect the guttering and the roof itself regularly, then you’ll make less work for yourself in the long run. You’ll definitely extend the life of your roof if you take care of it properly.

Roofers West Lothian

If for whatever reason you’re unable to check whether you require roof repairs yourself, and it’s been awhile since you or a professional took a look at the roof, then contact a professional roofer in West Lothian and get it checked thoroughly.

Get in touch with us, because here at J Gordon Roofing and Roughcasting, West Lothian, we are professionals. We are a team of trained and qualified individuals who come with the expertise and experience to carry out roof repairs in West Lothian and Edinburgh to the highest standard, leaving you with peace of mind. Check your roof regularly and if you find anything you’re unsure about, or something that just doesn’t look right – get in touch and keep your roof in great condition all year round.

Benefits of a Flat Roof

What are the advantages of having a flat roof?

If you’re in doubt then read on, as we take you through the benefits of flat roofs in West Lothian and hopefully, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. You can also call or visit us at J Gordon Roofing and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you.

A flat roof has a good reputation due to its high level of performance and benefits. Flat roofs have a long lifespan, they’re easy to maintain and they’re excellent at dealing with the vagaries of British weather.

You have to make sure you hire a roofer you can trust who’ll use quality materials so you get the benefits that a flat roof can offer.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Yes, flat roofs are easy to maintain and this is due to their flat structure. It also means that installation is quick and easy, and keeping it in tip top condition is also a lot more straightforward than a pitched roof. With no valleys or slopes, the roof is easier to reach and much easier to keep clean. A flat roof allows for easier mounting so they can be inspected for damage, so keeping them in good condition is far easier in the long-term.

Decoration, Recoating and Sealing

Flat roofs need to be sealed and recoated every few years and this helps to prevent leakage during bad weather. Because getting to them is easier, you can maintain their waterproof abilities over the years.

Less Materials Required

A flat roof needs far less materials for its construction and sometimes it can take just a day to install. You can also use PVC membranes in one piece and this can provide even more protection against bad weather.

Other Protective Materials

There are also other materials you can use to protect your flat roof such as weatherproof decking boards, polyester resin and thick glass fibre matting. All these materials can offer extra watertight barriers that last a lifetime.


You can also have solar panels installed on your flat roof. They work even when there’s no sun. A solar panel can help convert the sun’s energy into electricity. You could use this to run the appliances and lighting.

Even if you don’t use any appliances, any electricity generated is sold back to the National Grid and you could receive a rebate from your electricity company. You’ll benefit from using less electricity too, as well as earning extra money from the sale of the electricity you’ve generated back to them.

How does it work?

As we’ve already seen a flat roof is easier to maintain and clean because it’s so easy to mount. This is a great advantage because you could have solar panels installed easily and quickly. They’re tilted to face the sun and capture light, but you’ll need experts to help you install them correctly, so you get the wind prevention as well as all the advantages having a solar panel gives you. You can add weight to your solar panels too, so they’re less likely to move in windy weather.

So there you have it, some great advantages to having a flat roof installed. To summarise:-

  • Flat roofs are easy to maintain

  • Flat roofs are easy to decorate, seal and coat so your roof is safe from the elements

  • Flat roofs require less material than for a traditional pitched roof, so they’re quicker to install

  • You can have extra materials added to your flat roof to help against water leakage and strong winds that last a lifetime

  • You can have solar panels installed easier on a flat roof and you could save money on electricity bills.

    Get in touch with us here at J Gordon Roof & Roughcasting, give us a call or come in and visit us. We’re a friendly, approachable team of professionals and we’re always ready to help.

Why a Dry Fix System

Benefits of Using a Dry Fix System

A dry fix system can be perfect for securing, hips, verges and ridges in your roof. We also feel that it’s a far more secure alternative to mortar and the many issues surrounding its use in the past. The Building Regulations and NHBS guidelines are clear on the need for high and low ventilation, and a dry fix system is perfect in meeting these important requirements.

Unusual Weather Conditions Means a Secure Roof is Essential

Because we’ve been suffering from increasingly extreme weather conditions, and this is unlikely to change, a secure roof is an imperative, mortar is no longer enough and can easily be blown off when there’s strong wind and rain.

A dry fix system can be used alongside mortar as long as hips, ridges, small tile cuts and verges are mechanically fixed using a dry fix system.

Use a secure system like this, you’ll need fewer call backs with a roof that will see you right through the year, no matter how inclement the weather.

Why Not Mortar Alone?

Although Mortar has been with us for a long, long time, its lifespan is limited and it can need an awful lot of maintenance, weather will do its worse and eventually it will crack resulting in dislodging of verges, ridges and hips during high winds. It can also make itself vulnerable to water ingress.

You may now be asking yourself whether you can afford a dry fix system and perhaps you’re not sure whether it’s worth the expense. Although it can cost a little more than mortar, you must figure in the expense of call backs if you use mortar alone. In the long run, it can work out just as expensive, whereas once you’ve paid for a dry fix system, that’s it, no more expensive call backs and your roof is safe from the elements.

To summarise, here are some good reasons to use a dry fix systems for your roof:

  • A dry fix system will work with any slate profiles

  • It’s well ventilated to keep condensation away and meets all building regulations

  • It’s fast to install and is a far better alternative and safer than dragging mortar on to the roof

  • It looks subtle and aesthetically it looks good

  • It works well with all hip tiles

J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting

Of course any dry fix system needs to be professionally installed to make sure it works properly and gives you years of protection from the weather. Here at J Gordon Roofing & Roughcasting, we are a professional group of tradesmen with many years’ experience under our belt, all our team are trained and qualified to take on any roofing job, and you’re guaranteed a job well done when you hire us.

Get in touch and let us advise you on your roofing – we’re a friendly team, and we’re happy to come along and look at your roof and give you a free no obligation quote. 

Roof Slates or Roof Tiles?

Choosing a roofing material is about far more than just appearance. While you want your roof to look nice, and to tie in with the style of your property, the right roofing material does far more than just improve your property’s aesthetics. Roof slates and roof tiles are two of the most popular choices for finishing a home. They both provide a strong finish to your home, and a sense of character, but there could be other things you need to think about when it comes to choosing your roofing material.

To help you choose, here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of roof slates in West Lothian and roof tiles in West Lothian

Why Choose Roof Slates?

Slate is a beautiful material that adds a strong finish to any home. It is particularly popular in rural areas, and is very prevalent thanks to the rich slate quarries found across Britain. British slate is in high demand for its quality across the world, which can make it expensive. The high prices are due to British slate being a premium product, however. It is highly durable, and so will last a long time. This means you will not have to replace it for ages, which makes the cost lower in the long run.

Other roof slates are available from countries across the globe, including Spain, Brazil, and China. While slate is often expensive, it is possible to find foreign imports the very closely match the colour of local slate, allowing your property to blend in with those around without you having to spend a fortune.

One disadvantage of imported roof slate is that the material can vary drastically from place to place. Slate is not a uniform material, therefore by trying to cut costs you may end up with a product that isn’t very water resistant, has a low strength, or will degrade over time. If you’re going for imported slate make sure it has been tested to BS EN 123261 to ensure that is suitably watertight.

Why Choose Roof Tiles?

Roof tiles offer a range of bold colours that can really add character and charm to a property. Perhaps the most common colour is a rich red, although roof tiles come in a whole range of earthy shades. You can even get dark blue ones, which allows you to emulate the look of a slate roof from a distance, without the same costs. Roof tiles can be made from clay, natural stone, or concrete. The durability, appearance, and cost of your tiles will depend upon which material you choose.

This variety of colour makes roof tiles perfect for complementing your property. You can choose exactly the right shade to create the finish you want. Roof tiles are great if you need to restore an old property, as there are still manufacturers in the UK who specialise in creating tiles that match the style and tone of period properties. You can even mix shades together, to create a more interesting roof pattern, and break up large uniform blocks of colour.

Clay roof tiles also help insulate your property, as well as being highly durable to protect you from the elements.

Can’t Decide Between Roof Tiles or Roof Slates? Let Us Help!

Need a little help making a decision? We’ll happily talk you through your options, using our years of experience and our professional knowledge to help you choose tiles that are right for your property, location, and budget. Just contact us today.

The Benefits of Plastic Guttering

PVC guttering, also referred to as plastic guttering or vinyl guttering, is a great alternative to traditional metal gutters. There is often a misconception that plastic gutters will look cheap or tacky, but with a range of quality and stylish designs on the market, this certainly isn’t the case. If you are thinking about replacing damaged guttering or are simply looking for a way to improve the appearance of your home, here are some of the reasons to choose PVC gutters.

Durability of PVC Gutters

You may not think it, but plastic gutters are actually stronger than their metal counterparts. Because PVC gutters are moulded plastic each section of guttering is a single piece, making it very strong. Metal gutters have to be welded down a seam, meaning that they have a weak point. Because it is flexible, you can rest ladders against it without it bending like metal guttering would. And being weather resistant, including extreme hot and cold, it won't rust, corrode, or degrade like metal guttering would.

Metal guttering can often get bent or distorted over time: something plastic guttering won't do. Vinyl guttering is designed to bend slightly when loaded down with water, but unlike metal guttering will return to normal once the weight is lifted.

PVC Guttering Style

You can get PVC guttering in a range of styles and colours, so it will be easy to find the right guttering to match your property. Shapes can vary from round to square with more complex designs giving extra protection or style to your home's exterior. If you have a specific look in mind for your home, you can request custom PVC gutters to be made in a style or colour to compliment your property. You can also find plastic guttering made from recyclable materials, allowing environmentally conscious homeowners to help protect the planet.

PVC Gutters Pricing 

Metal guttering is expensive. By comparison PVC guttering is very cheap. And being durable means that it will last a long time and require less maintenance than metal pipes. This doesn't mean your drainage has to look cheap. With plenty of styles and qualities on the market, you can find a good middle ground between price and quality.

Professional Guttering Fitters in Edinburgh

PVC guttering is lightweight and easy to install, however it is still important to get it fitted by professionals. As qualified roofing service providers we can safely and securely install PVC guttering that looks great and protects your home from the elements. Get in touch to discuss plastic guttering with us today.

Your Guide To Roughcasting in Edinburgh & West Lothian

Roughcasting is the process of covering the outside of a property with a mixture of plaster and small stone chips or gravel. It can be used to repair damaged walls, improve a home's energy efficiency and waterproofing, and make a home more attractive. It can be applied at any time, so is suitable for current homeowners, those looking to extend their property, and those building a new home.

How does Roughcasting Work?

Roughcasting is often confused with pebbledashing, and while the two processes are similar, they are not the same. Pebbledashing requires a soft cement finish to be applied to a property, into which small pieces of stone are thrown to create an even finish. With roughcasting West Lothian, the stone (and sometimes small fragments of seashell) is mixed in with sand, cement, plaster, and stone chips, then applied altogether to the required surface. When dry, it provides a rough but even finish. It is perfect for covering damaged brick, minor cracks, and stains caused by water damage.

What are the Advantages of Roughcasting?

Roughcasting provides a consistent, durable finish to the exterior of your home that makes new walls more attractive and older, damaged walls seem clean and brand new. Roughcasting in Edinburgh and West Lothian that has been carried out by professionals will last for a long time with little or no need for maintenance, something that all kinds of property owners will find appealing. It keeps your property protected from the elements, preventing wind or water damage that could cause complications inside.

Roughcasting in West Lothian and Edinburgh also provides a beautiful, crisp finish for your home, making it look clean and attractive from the outside. Some people like the finish so much that they even have the process applied to some of their interior walls. A variety of tints mean that you have a range of colour options to choose from, creating a bold and appealing look for your home.

Professional Roughcasting Edinburgh & West Lothian

Roughcasting is a tricky process, so you want to make sure you hire a trained and experienced professional. Roughcasting must be applied professionally to ensure that it has a quality and durable finish. Improperly applied roughcasting can crack and deteriorate over time; professional applications will last for many years. An even finish is important, and it will be highly noticeable if your render is uneven - another danger that comes with hiring amateur workmen.

Roughcasting in Edinburgh or Roughcasting in West Lothian

You want a high quality, even finish for your roughcasting to ensure an attractive home that is protected from the elements. Contact us today to discuss roughcasting Edinburgh & roughcasting West Lothian

Roof Repairs – Assessment and Action

You don’t have to wait for the water to start dripping through your ceiling in order to detect whether your roof is in need of a little TLC. J Gordon Roofers can assess your roof and see if you need our help.

Our Climate is Changing

With the changing climate throughout the UK, this includes more storms, heavy downpours and high wind speeds, it’s always a good idea to go outside and carry out a visual inspection for broken tiles, damaged guttering or crumbling roof masonry. It’s also a good idea to examine the inside of your house, check on your ceilings. If you detect cracks, or bubbling plasterwork, this may be an early sign that your home isn't as waterproof as you thought. Another factor to look out for is whether the temperature in your upper storey rooms is lower than that on the ground floor. This may be an early indication that your roof isn't as sound as it should be and you may require roof repairs.

Roof Repairs are Cheaper Than Replacement

Roof repairs may save you the expense of having your whole roof replaced at a later date. With all household repairs it’s always a good idea to keep a watching eye on your property, but if you carry out roof repairs in West Lothian, at least you’ll be protecting your house from a major catastrophe. Rain should always be felt outside the property and not internally. Whether you've got a leaky flat roof, or you think that your dormer is missing a few tiles after the last strong wind, it’s always worthwhile having the problem assessed.

Feeling Secure is Important

If you have any doubts at all about your roofing, then it’s essential that you get it looked at. We are among the most experienced roofers West Lothian has to offer with a reputation for excellence and have been in business for over 20 years. Once you have contacted us we will visit your property and carry out an assessment of your roof. We price each job individually taking labour and material costs into account. We also guarantee our work, whether it’s for minor roof repairs or major construction work.

It’s always worrying for any homeowner to think that their roof is no longer fit for purpose, that’s why we only use qualified roofing specialists on our team, to ensure that our customers have peace of mind. You are important to us, so don’t hesitate to communicate your worries to use, and we will work with you, using the very best materials, and carrying out a meticulous inspection once we’ve finished our work on your roof.

Contact Our Roofers in West Lothian

If you have any worries at all about the state of your roof, then contact us for expert roof repairs in West Lothian. We offer a free no obligation quotation, so if you don’t need any work, we’ll soon let you know, alternatively, if you need repair work in order to protect your home, we’ll draw up a timetable and a budget with you. 

Choosing the Right Roofer for the Job

All buildings have roofs. Whether they’re a bungalow, an Edinburgh tenement, or a standard modern house in a new development, at some stage all of these buildings may need the services of an expert roofer.

There are certain key points that are important to remember when looking for a roofer. Most ordinary householders know little or nothing about the process and expertise involved, so here are a few ideas to help you to come to a decision.

Guarantees are Important

If a company won’t give you a guarantee, ask why not? Any company that’s proud of its work will be delighted to offer a guarantee or warranty. A company’s reputation stands by the quality of its work, if it isn’t prepared to offer you a guarantee or warranty, or can’t show you testimonials from satisfied customers, then you should look elsewhere. Steer clear of any company that’s too pushy, or has come to your attention by knocking on your front door. A reputable firm will have a website and also relies on word of mouth recommendation. Experience also counts; JG Roofers has been in business for over 20 years and is confident they are the best roofers West Lothian has to offer.

First Steps

From the first moment that you notice that your roof is no longer weatherproof, this is the time to pick up the phone, leaks will only get worse, temporary botch jobs are never the answer. Expert roofers will always visit your property and carry out a thorough assessment and then offer you a quotation based on the estimated timescale of the job and the materials that are to be used. Once you’ve agreed terms the roofing contractor must be able to satisfy any queries about Employers Liability, Public/Products Liability and Contract Workers policies. You should also receive a copy of your free no-obligation quotation in writing, including the job’s timescale. Before work starts, agree payment terms with your contractor.

Now’s the Time to Get Permission

You may be having your roof mended for minor leaks, or you might be having a new roof fitted. If scaffolding is to be used and will extend over the public highway, this includes pavements, the scaffolding company is responsible for obtaining the relevant licence from the local authority, but it’s up to you to check the licence. You should be able to talk about all of these matters with your selected roofing contractor. Not all jobs will need scaffolding, but it’s a good idea to seek your roofer’s advice about this.

Aftercare is Also Important

No matter how large the contract, we will always come and inspect the job after completion. All of our roofers are qualified and experienced and we have absolute confidence in the work that we do. The inspection that we carry out is an extension of our customer service, and to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our work. To get your repairs started get in contact and we’ll come around to make a fair assessment of your roofing problems and then give you our solutions.

Roofing FAQ

Below are some typical questions a lot of customers ask before deciding to have work done on the roof of their homes. If you are about to contact us for some roof work, take a look at some of the questions and answers below, and then why not contact us and we can discuss it further.

Can you fix my roof?

A good firm of well trained and experienced roofers can always fix your roof, whether it’s tiles that have blown off, leaks or something more serious. With a good roofing contractor, they should be able to replace the entire roof, if that is what’s required. Your roofer will need to inspect the roof right through to ensure it’s not damaged any further within, so it’ll probably need to be stripped before it’s replaced with a new roof.

If I decide to have a new roof, how much is it going to cost?

The cost to your new roof will vary depending on how big your roof is and the type of materials you choose, as well as the quality of materials your roofer will use, also add on to this the labour costs. If we are replacing your roof, then we’ll give you a breakdown of what the costs are, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

We’re also happy to come along and give you a free no obligation quote, that way you’ll know whether it’s within your budget.

How long does it usually take to install a new roof on my house?

This is difficult to determine as it depends on the weather conditions and in Britain the seasons play a great factor in this, as we are prone to inclement weather for a good part of the year. It also depends on the size of the roof and the extent of the damage and anything else that needs to be done, before placing the new roof on.

What should I be looking for when I inspect my roof and how do I know it needs replacing or simply repairing?

When you inspect your roof, which you should do on an annual basis, you should include chimneys, skylights and vents and look out for things such as missing pieces, anything that might be disintegrating, or any other kinds of damage, such as holes and leaks. Other things you should look out for should be things such as peeling, mould, rot, exposed nails and moss. Tell your roofing contractor about this and he can come and make an assessment himself, or you can let the roofing contractor inspect it for you.

How do you know when if a roofing contractor is reliable and trustworthy?

It’s always a good idea to check their credentials, that is, their qualifications and any certificates. Ask for testimonials and who they last worked for, they should have references or testimonials that speaks in glowing terms.

If you choose J Gordon Roofing, you’ll get the expertise and 20 years plus experience, that, and plenty of good customer recommendations. We pride ourselves on good customer service, as without our customers, we simply wouldn’t have a business. They are always our priority.

Come in and see us, call us or contact us, our details are over on our contact page. We’d love to hear from you and we’re ready to answer your questions. We’re a friendly non nonsense team that knows how to listen – your roof will always be in safe hands with us.