Roughcasting West Lothian

Has the roughcast started crumbling and falling off the walls of your home? We have the solution with tried, tested and reliable materials that come in a whole variety of colours and chips, making your home look brand new again.

We over 20 years of experience in roughcasting, fully qualified and trained to carry out the highest quality work. We’ve spent years perfecting our craft so you can put faith in us for a job well done that will last for years to come.

Experienced Roughcasting Team

We pride ourselves on our ability to get jobs done to time and within budget and as well as that, we charge for each job priced on time and materials rather than standard pricing per square metre as other companies do.

That means you get a fair price for quality workmanship, and you’ll get to keep your roof in immaculate condition for years to come, helping you to avoid further call-outs and maintenance in the future.

It takes great skill to carry out this type of work and you don’t want to leave it in the hands of amateurs who’ll charge the earth and leave you with problems for years to come. 





roughcasting west lothian